OAO Ulyanovsneft is optimizing its oilfield services

Oil production
output by 2017
19 mln tons

Gas production
output by 2017
2.5 bcm

RussNeft today

  • included into Top-10 largest oil and gas companies of Russia
  • annual oil production of 17 mln tons
  • annual gas production of 2.3 bn cbm
  • recoverable oil resources amount to 765 mln tons
  • recoverable gas resources make up 177 bn cbm
  • 45 producing companies in 16 regions of Russia, CIS countries 
  • above 21 thousand working places

27 May 2016

OAO Ulyanovsneft is optimizing its oilfield services

Ulyanovsk. OAO Ulyanovskneft, the subsidiary of Russneft, is improving the efficiency of its oilfields services....

25 May 2016

ОАО Varioganneft laid out an avenue on the occasion of forthcoming anniversary

Raduzhny. KhMAO-YUGRA. OAO Varioganneft, the subsidiary of RussNeft, laid out a symbolic “Avenue to the future” on the occasion of the 40-th anniversary of the Company....

24 May 2016

RussNeft and Saratovneftegaz implement the charity program in the regions of their operation

Saratov. OAO Saratovneftegaz, RussNeft producing subsidiary, continue implementing the charity program in the regions of its operation....

16 May 2016

The star of day is rising, lighting up sunrise.

Saratov. The 3-rd International Contest of Cellists named after Svyatoslav Knushevitsky has been held in Saratov with the support of the Safmar Charity Foundation, having become a world-class event....
Saratovskaya Oblastnaya Gazeta

10 May 2016

OAO MPK Aganneftegazgeologia cuts operative expenses of the energy complex of Yeguryakhskoye field

Nizhnevartovsk, KhMAO-Yugra. OAO MPK Aganneftegazgeologia (the subsidiary of RussNeft) has reduced its operative expenses and maintenance costs of gas engine gensets at Yeguryakhskoye field (Nizhnevartovskiy district). ...

5 May 2016

Saratovneftegaz has rendered financial assistance to veterans of the region

Saratov. Ahead of Victory Day, OAO Saratovneftegaz (production subsidiary of Russneft) has provided targeted financial assistance to the Saratov Regional Organization of Veterans of War, Labor, Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Bodies....