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About the Company

About the Company

PJSC “RussNeft” ranks among the top-10 largest oil companies by crude oil production in Russia

About the Company

No. 6
Russian Top 10
> 6,4 mln tons
Oil production output
> 628 mln tons


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Tolochek Evgeniy Viktorovich

Tolochek Evgeniy Viktorovich

The ability to mobilize and creative spirit - these qualities help the Company's employees to overcome all obstacles and achieve success.

Company history

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2022 Story of Success 2:0
  • Intensive widening of business horizons
  • Resilience to adverse external factors
  • Scaling up best management practices
2021 Dynamic acceleration
  • Scaling of the best management practices
  • Implementation of anti-crisis measures
  • The rapid growth of financial indicators in the context of production growth within the OPEC+ quota
2020 Socio: logical
  • Success in social sustainability in a period of extraordinary pressure from external negative factors
  • Scaling anti-crisis measures across the entire vertical of management
2019 Sustainability as a Leadership Multiplier
  • Scaling green technologies in production processes
  • Leadership in the share of profitable reserves
2018 Growth Optimization
  • A significant increase in the resource base, the introduction of new technologies, cost optimization
2017 Included in Stock Indexes
  • Since September 22, 2017 RussNeft securities have been included in the MICEX Index, RTS Index, Broad Market Equity Index and Oil and Gas Index of the Moscow Exchange
2016 IPO on the Moscow Exchange
  • RussNeft's securities were included in the First Quotation List
  • The placement price was 550 rubles per share
  • Demand exceeded supply by more than 30%
  • Significant activity was shown by individuals who submitted more than 2,000 applications
  • This is the first IPO of an oil company in Russia since 2006
  • 15% of the authorized capital of the Company is in free float
2016 – 2013 Asset Portfolio Optimization
  • Significant reduction in debt burden
  • Glencore's debt-to-equity conversion resulting in a 25% stake in Glencore
  • Successful implementation of the gas program (APG utilization reaches 95%)
  • The current business model of RussNeft implies a focus on the upstream segment
2012 – 2010 Resumption of Expansion
  • Growth of the investment program (by 60% compared to 2009)
  • Additional exploration of reserves
  • Further growth in hydrocarbon production
2009 – 2008 Anti-crisis Program
  • Cost reduction and stabilization of production costs
  • Further increase in the resource base (about 20 million tons)
  • Growth in retail sales of petroleum products (about 11%)
2007 – 2006 Organic Development
  • Significant increase in drilling volumes
  • Further growth of the resource base
  • Stabilization of production volume and growth of oil refining volumes
  • Active implementation of a well intervention complex at mature assets in the Volga region
2005 – 2002 Extensive Growth
  • Successful formation of the resource base (growth by 70% over 3 years)
  • RussNeft is one of the top 10 Russian oil and gas companies in terms of hydrocarbon production
  • Beginning of partnership with Glencore (including shareholding in RussNeft's subsidiaries)


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